In 2017 Stars Aligned Siblings trio released a debut CD album, Trios for Two Violins and Cello, under their previous name, Little Stars String Trio. The CD album was recorded at and sponsored by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a fundraiser for the trio's music education.

Album Cover (photo by Gary Quiring)

Artist: Little Stars String Trio

Album: Trios for Two Violins & Cello

Description: A prodigious display of musicality and technical skill by three young siblings in their debut album. These are the Little Stars at ages 8, 9, and 10; performing on fractional 19th century instruments, a rare selection of classical trios, including one of their very own arrangements!

Donate $20 or more to Stars Aligned Siblings' tuition for Crowden music school (2019-20) and receive a signed complimentary CD. Thank you!

Album Cover (Photo by Gary Quiring)